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Criteria for Films

Here's what we look for...


Scripturally based – The primary goal of CMC is to minister to the soul. Therefore, every storyline must reflect scripture.


Storyline – The storytelling must be realistic, relevant to modern day culture, not clichéd, and preferably unpredictable.


Based on a true story – Films based on true stories will take precedence over fictional stories.


Technical Production – films shot in HD will take precedence over films shot in SD. Technical prowess and creativity will weigh heavily on film approval.


Interest – To measure the overall effectiveness and impact, we will consider if the film:

  1. Draws viewers in and holds their attention

  2. Is action packed, moderately paced, or slow

  3. Gets to the point of the story right away, or takes too long

  4. Is thought-provoking

  5. Evokes emotions like depression or happiness; discouragement or encouragement; anger or excitement

  6. Inspires change or the re-thinking of a decision or action


We share your passion...


In offering high quality films that are meaningful and impactful.    We're excited about partnering with you to offer inspiring movies that are relevant to our culture and edifying, We accept genres including action & adventure, drama, sports, comedy, and documentaries.  If you have a film that falls within these guidelines, we want to hear from you!  


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