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Here's the thing...


Turn on your TV and what do you see? Senseless crime, foul language, sexuality, and a host of other meaningless content. You sit passively in front of the tube, absorbing it all. If you're a conscious-minded person who guards what you’re watching, you may have transitioned to alternative sources of programming or given up altogether. Perhaps you've turned to video on demand services to gain more control over what you’re watching. But in many cases, you're exposed to content that's even more extreme. So where do you turn? 

We've got a solution...


We’re happy to  present Christian Muvi Channel (CMC), featuring some of the most  stimulating, faith-based films on the market. CMC was created as a safe haven for you.  We’ve listened to your concerns and developed a streaming service featuring family-friendly programming that affirms your values. These feature-length movies are relevant to our culture, edifying, and inspiring. They are void of excessive violence, sexual content, and foul language, and more artistically competitive with secular films.  Genres include action & adventure, drama, sports, comedy, and documentaries. And what’s more, our content is 100% faith-based, unlike other streaming services. You’ll witness relatable stories that tackle real issues with real people in a way that’s not contrived, but authentic. Balancing serious with light-hearted subject matter, you will enjoy films that are meaningful and potentially transformational.  Take a look for yourself - and let us know what you think!  


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