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A Word from the CEO

Ever had a vision...


on your heart for years but hesitated to act on it?  That’s what CMC is – a vision God put on my heart to start a Christian movie channel.  Back in the days when I was searching for purpose – a sense of calling – this incredible vision came to me. Intimidated, I ran from it for years, but it never left my heart.  I have finally stopped running from it and started moving toward it. 


When the Lord first gave me this vision, there was no Christian streaming media service.  However, over the years, the industry exploded with more and more streaming channels.  I considered giving up on the vision, since it appeared I was too late to enter the market. But wouldn’t you know it, God had no intention of giving up.  He began to show me how He wanted to construct the channel, and how it would differ from others.  As He downloaded the vision, I took notes and wrote a business plan. 


In 2019, I started the Christian Muvi Channel (CMC), and built a very basic web site (with mostly trailers to start), along with a Facebook page.  I’m currently working on acquiring a full library of faith-based films.  Film genres include action & adventure, drama, sports, comedy, and documentaries. And there is another twist to CMC’s films coming that you will be excited about. (I'll tell you about it soon.) But most importantly, the content is 100% faith-based, unlike other streaming services. CMC doesn’t just offer “feel good” entertainment. These films are designed to minister first in a way that’s relevant; and entertain second.  They are meaningful (some based on true stories) and potentially transformational.


I’m also studying your film preferences by hosting “Movie Nights” on Facebook.  You can participate by joining CMC’s Facebook group – MUVI Club.


Stay Connected...


These are some other ways to connect with us:

  • Follow Christian Muvi Channel on Facebook

  • Like us on Facebook.

  • Join CMC’s MUVI Club

  • Post your favorite films

  • Subscribe to Christian Muvi Channel 


Soon I will tell you more about an exciting project we’re working on that will take your binging to the next level – can’t wait to share it with you!  (If you’re the type that can’t wait, you can take a sneak peek here.)


F. Ligon


Christian Muvi Channel

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