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Mom' s Night Out (2014)

1h 38min  |  Producers: Andrew Erwin, Kevin Downes, Jon Erwin, David A. R. White, Michael Scott, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, Russell Wolfe  |  Directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Friends Allyson (Sarah Drew), Sondra (Patricia Heaton) and Izzy (Andrea Logan White) desperately need a short break from parenting duties and want to have a girls night together. However, in order for them to enjoy dressing up, adult conversation and dining on food served on real plates instead of in paper bags, they have to rely on their husbands to watch the children for three hours. Naturally, everything that can go wrong, does, resulting in an unforgettable night for all involved.

Mom's Night Out Official Trailer (2014) - Trace Adkins, Patricia Heaton Movie HD
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